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What is Tudo Bom?  Tudo Bom is a Portuguese Language phrase used commonly in Brazil as a warm greeting.  It is translated to everything is good.  Brazileiros greet each other with a "Tudo Bom?" or is everything good?, and the response is "Tudo Bom" as in everything is good.  I spent a lot of time in Brazil both work and vacations, including one New Years eve celebration with 2.25 million people on Copacobana Beach in Rio De Janeiro and 8 Carnival's.  This is my favorite place on the planet!  I registered the site tudo-bom.com.  To contact me , please email.

Links to Tudo Bom sites:

My Personal Site:  www.tudo-bom.com/jim  This site is my personal website.

Boeing B52 Site:  www.tudo-bom.com/b52  This site was created in 2009, the 25th anniversary of our arrival on the B52 programs at Edward Air Force base. 

Tony's Auto Repair:  www.tudo-bom.com/tonys This is a site I created for an auto repair shop in Lawndale, CA

Rental Site:  www.tudo-bom.com/rental  No rentals are currently available.